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As a leading ecommerce website design company in Long Island, we deliver ecommerce solutions which give our small business clients the opportunity to sell to large audiences cost effectively. In addition design and development, we offer consulting, support and online marketing services to help our clients maintain a high performing online presence and increase their sales.

Our Approach

Ecommerce grows globally at an astounding rate. It provides businesses a way to increase their sales by accessing customers that are physically difficult to reach. We offer you the tools and systems that will help your business benefit from this opportunity.

We are passionate about what we do. We love to work together with our customers and help them grow their online businesses. And, it gives us extra pleasure when we see their sales skyrocket. That’s why you will always find us by your side. Starting from our initial discussions, we will work with you closely throughout our engagement. Even after launching your ecommerce website we will keep helping you in order to achieve the highest possible return from your online store.

Ecommerce Website Design
Ecommerce Integrations

Ecommerce Solutions

What we create for our clients are not just ecommerce websites. We build ecommerce solutions that integrate different business operations to create efficiently performing online businesses. Ecommerce is not a stand alone operation and has various touch points with different business functions, from inventory management to accounting. We have worked with various clients in different industries each with challenging business scenarios. Equipped with this experience we can design effective and profitable solutions for your business, too. Through our partnerships with numerous third-party application providers we can integrate payment gateways, shipment services as well as inventory and accounting systems. This will enable you to run your online store most cost effectively and seamlessly in sync with your other business systems.

Ecommerce Platforms

There are plenty of ecommerce platforms that will suit different business needs. We have a lot of experience with many of these open source and proprietary shopping cart tools. Utilizing these, we are capable of creating out-of-the-box or custom ecommerce solutions that are not only technologically advanced but are also budget friendly. Our ecommerce development company specializes in WooCommerce and BigCommerce, which are leading ecommerce development platforms used by successful online businesses. When selecting any of these technologies for our clients, we take their goals, capabilities and restrictions into account and implement the platform and tools that best fit their requirements.

Ecommerce Platforms
Responsive Design

Responsive Ecommerce Web Design

Majority of ecommerce transactions take place on mobile devices. That is why it is essential that your ecommerce website is designed to offer a superior user experience for your customers who shop using their phones. On the other hand, you cannot ignore consumers who use their desktops when shopping online. So you need to make sure that your site performs well no matter which device it is viewed on. This is key when it comes to maintaining high conversion rates and retaining customers. For this purpose, we use responsive design techniques as a standard practice in all our projects. Websites using this design approach automatically adjust themselves to the screen sizes of different devices. We also perform thorough quality assurance tests to ensure all ecommerce sites we build perform perfectly on different browsers and devices.

Ecommerce Support and Maintenance

No business can tolerate loss of business due to downtime. In order to keep online stores working without interruption, it is very necessary to monitor all components of these systems on an ongoing basis as well as to implement revisions and updates as technology and user requirements evolve. Our ecommerce web development services do not only focus on developing websites from scratch. We also offer support and maintenance services. After we develop and launch your website we continue to work with you and help you run and grow your online business. Even if we haven’t built your site, you can feel free to contact us for  issues related to your WooCommerce and BigCommerce sites, or online stores that use shopping cart software.

Ecommerce Maintenance

Ecommerce Marketing

Building ecommerce stores is no small feat, but generating online sales and growing revenues is a much bigger challenge. It requires a team of digital marketers that understands your business. A team that works with you to develop the right strategies and implement the profitable tactics that drive traffic and conversions. So, if you are looking for an ecommerce website development company in Long Island, look no further. We are that team you can trust and that can offer you integrated website marketing services. If you select us as your ecommerce website designer, you will also gain a partner that can help you with SEO, Paid Search, Email Marketing and Social Media services and flourish your business.